The Beenetwork Media Group Merchandise Store is the home of all products sold by BMG and its affiliates.  A portion of all proceeds go to benefit the "Encouraging Words Through Stories" program which provides copies of Moments In The Shadow of Greatness Volume One to youth in undeserved urban / rural schools, youth correctional facilities and adult facilities across America.

The aim is to uplift, inspire and motivate individuals everywhere during this stressful period in our nation's history and to help them stay focused on their dreams and aspirations.  The Encouraging Words through Stories campaign will provide that respite for all those who read it.  

The “Moments in the Shadow of Greatness” book series provides a fresh look and perspective of known and unknown movers and shakers that have contributed to the American experience and the world. 

As an advocate of art, educational, youth, community and civic issues, BMG CEO, George Addison has been a recipient of the Department of the Army Excellence Award, S.T.E.P. Community Service Award, AARP Community Service Award, recognized by former First Lady Michelle Obama, The U.S. Department of Justice, and the Commonwealth of Virginia Attorney General's Office. Today, he mentors and coaches entrepreneurs while continuing to build a legacy of community service excellence.